Campus Life Hacks You Need To Master Immediately

A student’s life is way more complicated than the problem you skipped answering in your last Math exam. With all the deadlines, the sleepless nights, the daily commute, and more, how does one survive campus life?

We’ve gathered some of the most fool-proof hacks we’ve heard from students. Read on to know how your fellow students hack the system!

Acads Is Life: A Hack on classes, exams, etc.

Hell Week isn’t called hell for nothing. During this time, students rely on coffee, their classmate’s reviewers, and the most of all:


You won’t be able to remember everything you’ve read the night before (if you have read anything at all), and that is why this stock knowledge is not only an overused term in the campus, it is also an urban legend that may have been true for the lucky ones.

How to activate the Power of Stock Knowledge: “I never give up. I keep calm and do my best,” shares one student.


Although hell week may seem like it goes on forever, there’s always one thing that students look forward to the most: VACATION! It doesn’t matter what your plans are. Vacation is your reward. One student even shared that this is what keeps him motivated to survive hell week.

Turning Lab Life into Love Life: #ThatLoveHack

Sure, juggling academics, social life, and your deflating allowance seems like a tough act, but you can’t deny that the mere sight of your crush from across the hallway could instantly brighten your day.

Rather than giving your friends more bruises because of your kilig, try out this hack from one student: smile and be confident when you spot your crush. Keep calm! Give ‘em a little bit of mystery. Who knows, they might have their eye on you, too!

The Unallowing Allowance.

Budgeting the monthly allowance is probably one of the most stressful things in a student’s life. Simply put it, how do you keep up with those endless photocopies and not die of starvation? More often than not, students sacrifice a hearty meal just so they could print an extra copy of their whole thesis or complete all the art materials they need to finish a project.

It’s a known fact that food is one of the most comforting pleasures a stressed out student can enjoy, so here are two hacks to try when your allowance has reached the end of the line:

  1. Skip the café food for a while and bring packed lunch.

Why this is a good idea: Aside from saving money, this option could teach you some life skills, like how not burn chicken nuggets and hotdogs. Kidding aside, bringing packed meals doesn’t seem so bad at all!


  1. Tell your much more abled, older sibling that you miss them.

Why this is a good idea: Two words: FREE FOOD. One student shared that if her monthly allowance is about to run out, she stays over at her sister’s place, hoping to feast on free food and other libres a loving sister would usually provide.

The campus life is tough, but there’s nothing a tried and tested hack couldn’t solve. Remember that in your quest to find the perfect balance and maintain an enjoyable campus life, you can and you will survive.