Girl’s Got Game: Denden Lazaro’s Life Hacks

Campus Life: where the good, the bad, and the busy collide. The sheer amount of stress and sleeplesness in here sometimes makes us wonder, is there really “life” in campus life?


Before you abandon all hope, we have news: many have managed to survive campus life, including #GOALS, Dennise Lazaro.


Grace Under Pressure

Denden Lazaro, one of the most popular liberos in the local collegiate sports scene, is no stranger to the acads + varsity life killer combo. She graduated with a degree in BS Biology and has played in ADMU’s Volleyball team for several years.


Seeing Denden still looking fresh on TV despite a heated game makes us wonder how this volleybelle does it. Thankfully, she has some hacks to share!


When Your Home is the Court


When i was in college lalo nung 4th and 5th year ko, everyday ang training namin. We start at 5:30 in the morning for training, and then after that I go to class. Then at 5 pm in the afternoon training ulit. That's everyday even on weekends.”


Denden’s hack: Keep it fresh. Long hours of training can definitely suck the life out of you, but there’s nothing a good nap can’t cure! Don’t forget to stay hydrated, too!


#MayForever sa Acads


Spending five years studying BS Biology is ought to be challenging. Despite this, Denden seems to have enjoyed her life in the campus. “I love my life in the campus,” she shares.


Denden’s hack: Just keep pushing! Jotting down notes in class is one surefire way to remember your lessons better. Trade your typewritten notes for handwritten ones and see the magic happen.


MVP Sa Puso Mo


Are you busy? In love? Are you busy AND in love? Paano na, bes?


Denden’s hack: Keep the fire burning by making an effort to achieve for quality Babe Time. Even if time isn’t on your side, drop your S.O. a zappy line, or a voice message for some kilig vibes.


Hanggang Hashtag na lang ba?


This one, we might all be too familiar with. How do we turn our #goals into reality? How do we make time to find our passion and stick to it?


Denden’s hack: Live up to the famous #Ginalingan. “Be passionate about everything that you do, kasi it will make you want to get up you in the morning,” says Denden.



Photo by Mark Cristino for ABS-CBNnews.com


We’ll give it to Dendenl! She handled a busy campus life like a boss. Just like her, we all can kick-ass in college, too. Kapit lang, bes, you’re on your way to success!