#SquadGoals: Getting to Know the Choco Mucho Campus Angels


Seven lucky girls stood out from the crowd to become Campus Angels. These angels are Choco Mucho’s online ambassadors, winners from a yearly search of the most angelic students in universities nationwide, and this year, they brought Heaven to various colleges and universities in the metro with Choco Mucho U.


Throughout the season, Choco Mucho U Exclusive invaded campuses around the metro and each Angel hosted fun tours, had chitchats with students, and went on mouthwatering food trips! But now, it’s time to shine the spotlight on our Campus Angels. Read on to know more about Jehza , Kristi, Mary, Rich, Angelica, Leslie, and Martina!


(From L-R: Jehza (@jehzahuelar), Kristi (@casiebanks), Martina (@martinaprats), Leslie (@lesordinario), Angelica (@angelicacorporal), Rich (@richmorls), Mary (@mlflores_))



How to Win at Campus Life


Just like you, the Angels also have their fair share of school issues and difficulties, so in order to stay afloat, we’ve asked them for some tried and tested tips and good study habits we could all use.

“I try to come to class as early as possible, and take the front seat so I feel more present during lectures,” Angelica shares. For Martina, on the other hand, listening is key, as this allows her to participate better, as well as have her questions answered in class. All of the angels agree that jotting down notes help you remember lessons better, and Rich shares that she even makes flashcards a staple tool for reviewing.


Apart from their academic life, these angels also participate in various extra curricular activities, like Jehza and Rich who actively played sports in their respective universities. Mary and Kristi dedicated their  spare time to serving in the student council. Leslie’s love for performing landed her a top spot in her university’s prestigious singing contest.


Beauty 101 with the Campus Angels

Looking fresh throughout a busy day in school is something that all of us want to achieve. Although re-touching may seem like a bit of a chore sometimes, one minute in the mirror to check your hair, and swipe on a lippie is enough to keep you looking your best.


Thankfully, our angels have allowed us to raid their make-up stash and get a few pointers!



For the brows:
Having their brows on fleek seems to be a common thing for our angels. Mary even shares that it’s her top priority when it comes to make-up. “Whatever happens I always bring my eyebrow kit, including a brow pencil, angle brush, and eyebrow cake,” she shares.


For the skin:

Stress in school and staying up late can do harm to our skin, but sometimes, we just can’t avoid those sleepless nights, so here are Leslie’s must-haves: “Two important contents of my kikay kit are compact powder and blotting paper, because I have a combination skin type.”


For staying clean and fresh:

Apart from looking great, feeling 100% should always be our top priority. That’s why Rich’s kikay kit includes these: a toothbrush and alcohol. Martina, on the other hand, always keeps some handy wipes. Super useful especially when the squad suddenly decides they want to get pizza for lunch!



Class Dismissed! Where you at?

Admit it, as soon as the last bell rings at school, we all face the same dilemma: ‘san tayo, bes? Taking the time off to destress is the least thing you could do for yourself after school, so here are some angel-approved after-school hangouts:


The Library: “It’s my absolute happy place!” Jehza exclaims. “For researching, I prefer reading books over surfing the net. #OldSchool,” shares Mary.




The Mall: “I really enjoy window shopping!” We agree with you, Kristi! It’s both therapy and cardio!


Where the heart is: A.K.A. home! Angels Leslie and Angelica often head home for some much needed R&R. While Martina and her barkada usually spend time at home for meryenda. “These are the memories you’ll always look back at and miss,” she shares.


Self-Love, As Told by our Angels

We all have our fair share of things we’d like to change about ourselves, but being way too insecure isn’t a healthy habit at all, so we asked our Angels to share what makes them proud about themselves to show you that you, too, can find something you like about yourself, and embrace it with pride!


Angelica: I fight for what is right and I take responsibility for my actions.

Jehza: I take calculated risks. Sometimes I do things out of my comfort zone so I could grow.

Kristi: I’m vision oriented and a goal-getter! When I dream of it, I make sure I make it happen.

Leslie: Simply being myself makes me proud.

Martina: I am able to adapt well in situations and with different people.

Rich: I have a positive outlook in life.

Mary: I’m honest, genuine, and loving.



The society has a lot to say about millennials. Although there are mixed thoughts about our rather colorful free-spirited generation, these Angels are proud of who they have become growing up. “I’m lucky I belong to the millennials because I experienced a childhood that wasn’t too techie, but as I grew up, I saw that we also learned to innovate,” Angelica shares.


With their beauty and substance, these ladies are bound to take the world by storm. Choco Mucho U’s most heavenly episode is out now. Check out our Facebook page!