Angels Back to School Advice: Things You should NEVER do in the Classroom

The most common notion about being in the university is that there’s freedom like never before. Although that’s true, freedom also entails taking responsibility over a lot of things. Now that school’s on again, here’s a rundown of the things you should never do in campus, according to our Campus Angels:


1. Being late all the time

Sure, we blast into laughter following the announcement of the arrival of your always late, undead classmate, but the truth is, being late isn’t great. Tardiness is a huge pet peeve for most professors and even for students. Except when you have an emergency, tardiness isn’t okay at all. You’d be surprised to know that some of them wake up EXTRA EARLY just to get to that 7 a.m. class, so what could your excuse be?



Jehza’s Tip (@jehzahuelar) : Ask a buddy to call you in the morning to wake you up If you’re planning to binge-watch your favorite series the night before an early morning class.


2. Eat-all-you-can, NOT!

While it’s important to feed our body like how we feed our mind in class, please try not to overdo it. Having a full spread while there’s an on-going class discussion is a big no-no! It’s absolutely distracting to see and hear classmates passing that big bag of chips to each other, especially if you’re not being offered some! Kidding aside, eat discreetly to avoid drawing attention to yourself.


Angelica’s Tip (@angelicacorporal): If you can’t help skipping breakfast, bring along your favorite Choco Mucho, that’s enough to last you til the next break!


3. Being a noisy neighbor

In most classes, students are being given the chance to share their thoughts, whether it’s through recitation or group-activities. However, this doesn’t mean you can chat your seatmate up anytime you like. While this is a common scenario, you should know that it’s not cute at all, even if the said seatmate is your crush or your BFF. Picture this, your prof calls on you to answer her question, which you didn’t get because you were busy chatting your seatmate. Dyahe, ‘di ba?



Leslie’s Tip (@lesordinario): Channel your inner public speaker by being attentive in class and speaking your mind during discussions. Through this, you can get your grades up AND even impress the class cutie. Win-win!


4. Intentionally snoozing in class

We get it, sometimes you just can’t help but doze off in class because you were up all night studying for the next period’s long test. Although it may seem like your professors just let you get away with it, it’s so not cool being caught sleeping in class. Baka ma-awardan, bes! Yikes!


Mary’s Tip (@mlflores_):  Try to perk yourself up with a cup of coffee before an early morning class. If Caffeine doesn’t work for you, always keep some candies in your pocket for that sugar kick you need.



5. Royal rumble of the minds

Debates in class are often exciting, but you see, there’s a huge difference between being articulate and being and playing Mr. Smarty Pants. Don’t cross the line by being overconfident and even arguing with your classmates or your profs just to prove a point. Instead, help maintain a healthy and enjoyable discussion in class.  



Martina’s Tip (@martinaprats): Freedom of speech? Yes with restrictions! We’re all free to speak our mind in class, and even encouraged to do so, but always be mindful of others to avoid conflicts.


6. Getting distracted by your gadgets

One thing that students love about college is being allowed to bring your gadgets in school. But hey, before you go crazy on social media, your followers can wait, but the opportunities to learn? You’d be surprised to know it feels like a privilege now more than a right.


Rich’s Tip (@richmorls): Unless you are being asked to research, save the Instagram stories for breaks or after class hours, and remember to keep your phone on silent mode.



7. Fashion Faux Pas

Indeed, the world is your runway, but save the skimpy, the super short, and the bling for the party, and not for a regular day in school. Aside from making yourself extremely uncomfortable in commutes, there’s a huge chance you aren’t going to be let inside the campus if you’re not in appropriate attire.


Kristi’s Tip (@casiebanks): Stock up on pants and shirts to wear during wash days. Culottes also seem to be in trend, so ask an officer if they’re allowed. They’re super comfy!


When you’re in college, freedom and discipline always go hand-in-hand. Too much of the other could lead to a less enjoyable campus life. Take note of these seven no-no’s in campus to avoid having KMN scenarios!