Redefining Metro Manila for that Perfect IG Post

As the bustling capital city of the Philippines, Metro Manila is no stranger to the fast-paced lifestyle. Business and shopping districts, universities, and a variety of tourist attractions dot the city so if you see a lot of people walking briskly towards wherever it is they’re going, it won’t be anything new.


BUT! The thing is, Metro Manila is more than just a city of cars, buildings, and stress levels rising high. It’s also about taking the time to appreciate how modern living blends seamlessly with history to create something that’s utterly timeless. Manila is a city to enjoy leisurely things too, including reimagining the city’s landmarks to up your social media game.


Manila Central Post Office


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This place will take you time-traveling and give you all the Harry Potter feels. Visiting Manila Central Post Office in the modern day of SMS, chats, and e-mail will be a nostalgic trip that will leave you in awe now that it also serves an entirely different purpose for the modern generation. Sure, it’s still a place to have your packages sent off or received, but now the iconic building is also a place to take stunning photos with its remarkable and captivating neoclassical style. Wow your followers with some never-before-seen shots because instead of going for Intramuros’ best-known angles, you’d be going for something entirely new (which has always been there!)


Puerto Real Gardens


Photo by @clairebearlingan on Instagram

Speaking of Intramuros, when you visit this historic walled city, don’t forget about the lovely gardens right outside its south wall. In fact, getting here is already quite an experience in itself! To get to this truly unique patch of greens mixed with old Spanish style exteriors, you’d have to go through an old moat and an archway made of stone. How’s that for a Game-of-Thrones-slash-Lord-of-the-Rings experience? Though there really isn’t much to do here other than laze around and take awesome #OOTD shots, your time spent will be so worth it simply because you enjoyed something entirely new at Intramuros and have truly marvelous photos on your feed to prove it.

Rizal Park Hotel


Photo from Rizal Park Hotel’s official hotel website

History with a twist? Yes, please. Just right across Rizal Park is a hotel that will leave you speechless. The restored and revamped Manila Army and Navy Club now sit proudly as a modern structure disguised as Rizal Park Hotel. What was once a leisure place for exclusive US personnel is currently a 5-star hotel dressed in lavish Venetian interiors with checkered floors, red-carpeted staircases, sparkling chandeliers, and an attention-grabbing centerpiece. Just stepping inside it to take a peek will leave you speechless! For starters, the lobby is a perfect place to strike a pose with all of the hotel’s grandeur as your background.

National Museum of Natural History

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Probably the latest buzz in Metro Manila tourism this year is the opening of the newly renovated and enhanced National Museum of Natural History located at T.M. Kalaw Street. This 1-billion-peso restoration aims to put us all in awe with its neoclassical architecture with modern hues and interiors. Each spot of this 6-story building is definitely photo-worthy especially its iconic Tree of Life dome. But beyond its grand interior design, it’s also best to appreciate what the museum exhibits -- all living things that can only be found here in the Philippines! At the moment, only 6 out of 12 galleries are opened to the public but come June, we could expect more from this already attention-capturing museum.


At the end of the day, Metro Manila will always be the busy district we’ve known and loved throughout the years but every commonplace can have a whole new experience. That’s definitely up to you to create! With the most important people in your lives plus the excitement of exploring the city, Metro Manila will be more than just another city. Adventure is out there!

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