Slay Every Day: Some Friendly Reminders To Keep Your Style On Point

Crazy weather patterns and even crazier situations out on the road can get us hulas even before lunchtime. It’s annoying and such a hassle, but it’s not entirely a lost cause! It’s completely understandable to want to look good and fresh all day, and it’s not exactly rocket science to do that. We’re probably doing some of the key tips and tricks already but it’s good to be reminded once in a while, just to make sure our crazy days don’t make us forget a few basics rules.


Dress for the weather



Thin clothes for hot days and thicker ones for rainy days - obviously, sure, but what about for days that are hot and rainy at the same time? Let’s face it, this weather pattern is happening too often for comfort so the least we can all do is to face it head-on. Rain is in the forecast but the morning sun makes that hard to believe? No problem! Wear something light and breezy but make sure to bring a cardigan or a jacket with you. Pair it up with some sleek all-weather shoes that can prevent your feet from getting wet and icky just in case it rains. Remember, being damp does not only make you look like a mess, but it also makes you feel insanely uncomfortable. Know what kind of weather you’re going to be facing throughout the day and dress accordingly!


Have a staple style




One of the things that can easily get us super haggard in the morning is wasting so much time and energy just picking out what to wear. We get it, you want to look super awesome and that’s totally fine! But sometimes, exerting too much effort unnecessarily can really bring forth the bad vibes. Get rid of (extra) morning blues by having a staple style! Things like taking note of what makes you comfortable or looking out for the types of clothes that make you look extra good are just some of the simple steps you can consider when choosing our staples. Once we’ve taken these into consideration, all that’s left is hoarding a bunch of them in different colors or perhaps close-enough variants. While it’s also nice to explore new styles and keep up with fashion trends, setting aside go-to outfits make a more hassle-free morning.


Always bring a grooming kit with you



Retouch, retouch! Sure, you can head out of your place looking fine as hell but you can also end up looking like hell by midday. It doesn’t really matter what “grooming kit” means for you. It can be a kikay kit full of makeup or a just pouch with facial soap and oil-blotting sheets - if it’s gonna get you looking good even amidst a hectic day,  make it a point to have it with you all the time! You never know what surprises the day has in store for you so it’s best to always be prepared to slay it.

Always have colognes / perfumes in smaller bottles anywhere you go



Looking fresh is not enough. Feeling fresh and actually being fresh is a key point, too! If you’re not a fan of bringing lots of things around with you, you can buy smaller spray bottles so that you can easily take your favorite scents wherever you go! After all, it’s an integral part of your overall style and one that shouldn’t be overlooked no matter how hectic your schedule can get. Just a few sprays every few hours would do the trick!


Don’t skip meals



If you really want to look your ultimate best, the most important thing is not having really nice clothes or an outstanding sense of style -- it’s all about your well-being! Even if your outfit is IG-worthy and everything else is on-point, if you skip meals and it takes its toll on your appearance, then it’s all for naught. We completely understand days of barely having a breather but it’s best to still munch on something despite the crazy scheds! Just keep some in your bag, take a few bites when you feel hungry but time won’t let you have a full meal, and slay the day! PS: chocolates can give you that extra boost of energy, too. *wink*


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