Dat Girl Doe: What You Need to Know about Yassi Pressman

Everything about Yassi is on fleek. She’s extremely talented, has a gorgeous face, fit for an angel, and she’s well-loved by her fans! We absolutely love her like you do, so we’ve asked her questions to help us uncover, how to be you, Yassi Pressman?


Livin’ the Sweet Life

While some of us would indulge in material things, Yassi admits that she treats herself to food and tons of memorable experiences. When asked what makes this girl smile, she shares, “I’m a very simple girl, and if there’s something that would make me smile, it’s good food and sweets.” Fam, we hope you’re taking notes! “My favorite Pinoy dishes are Sinigang, Bulalo, Dinuguan, and Sisig,” she adds.


However, chocolates aren’t the only ones sweet for Yassi. “I love giving and receiving hugs. I think hugs are sweet.” What a true angel!


#WhatYASSay :I think the secret to living a good life is being able to enjoy every moment of it. Being able to see the good in the bad and being able to smile despite hardships.”



She Will Be Loved
For a girl who sizzles in the dance floor, makes people swoon on primetime T.V., and has a smile that receives thousands of hearts and likes on social media in a few seconds, what could a “Dream Guy” be like?


Although we see her being paired up with some of today’s hottest celebs, like Coco Martin, or even former PBB housemate, Tanner Mata, one question remains: Who’ll win over this angel’s heart? Hold-up, because just like you, we’re dying to know.


#WhatYASSay : Yung mabait. To me, that’s the most important. Yung mabait at honest.”



Simplicity is style

Although we often see her all dolled up on the red carpet and on daily T.V., you’d be surprised to know that Yassi prefers wearing flats over heels. She also like having her hair up in a ponytail, and could be seen wearing comfy sweatpants and a White shirt on a regular day. “I hope I look best wearing those, that’s my daily look.” Oh Yassi, we’re sure you do!


#WhatYASSay : “You get to enjoy more when you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing.”


On #SLAYing the Campus Life

Just like every one of us, Yassi has had her share of ups and downs in her career, and with all that she’s gone through so far, here’s our ultimate Choco Mucho angel’s advice to students:


“Believe in your dreams. ‘Wag kang maniniwala pag sinabi nilang hindi mo kaya. Use that as a fuel, and strive to do what you want in life. Study hard, and don’t stop.”


Did you know that Yassi’s motto is actually, “try and try until you succeed.” She’s not one to give up on her dreams, that’s why she’s here now, doing what she loves, and even inspiring others through her craft.



#WhatYASSay : “I think the best thing about being a Choco Mucho Angel is being able to share happiness to people, apart from the free chocolates, of course!”


Admit it, we’re all pretty low-key obsessed with her, so we’re glad that this multi-talented actress has glided her way into our heart. We’re pretty sure that wherever Heaven is, there we’ll find her giving out Choco Mucho, plus a lot of warm hugs! Head over to our Facebook page and catch Yassi Pressman in the most heavenly episode of Choco Mucho U, out now!  

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