Fashion and Function: 5 Must-Haves For The Daily Commuters


Let’s face it, commuting every single day is such an awra-wrecker. You can’t really predict the weather nowadays, traffic’s always insane, and the pollution? Crazy! Of course, looking good and keeping yourself super fresh is always a challenge if commuting is our only option to get to places especially if you do it via the good ol’ fashion jeep, bus, or UV Express shuttles. Don’t worry, because here are some style investments that we all could be reminded of. It’s about combining fashion and function, and definitely surviving daily pakikipagsapalaran out on the road.


Weatherproof basics



Bipolar weather patterns are no longer new now and honestly, no one’s really surprised anymore when it’s so hot in the morning and then by afternoon, a heavy downpour happens. It’s either come up with a super good and functionable outfit or invest on a few good things that can make you weatherproof. For example, a hyped brand carries reversible parkas which keeps you warm on rainy days with its internal polyester material and external waterproof fabric. It prevents you from feeling icky even if your jacket is already drenched! Of course, to complete this rainy day outfit, it’s also good to invest on a windproof umbrella (to prevent embarrassing moments, mostly!) and durable shoes that are waterproof. You wouldn’t want squishy socks and wet feet now, would you?  


Good walking shoes



Using public transportation on a daily basis means that it’s not always a hop-on-hop-off experience. You’re lucky if you get to enter your school or office building the moment you get down from the vehicle, but most of the time, that’s not the case. Oh, and did we mention about having to stand in line for so long especially in UV Express terminals or even in bus rides? Your feet go through so much every day so it’s definitely a good investment to get really sturdy, durable, and stylish shoes. Know what works well for your foot shape and don’t get a pair simply because they look nice or they’re the latest edition.  It’s not only about looking good! It’s also about feeling ultra-mega comfortable when you walk in them and knowing that those pair of shoes will be good enough to take you places.


A variety of clothing materials in your wardrobe



You probably have that one or two types of clothing that you love so much and that’s okay! But having a variety works well too, especially when you consider the weather here in the Philippines. Light fabric like cotton or linen are good for warmer days while thicker materials like polyester, nylon, or fleece are more preferred for cooler days. You might think it’s too much to spend on really good kinds of fabric and other clothing materials but if you choose to invest on quality instead of quantity, these clothes will definitely serve their purposes and will last for years! When you combine good materials with versatility of use, it’s going to be easy to go from gimmicks to business meetings or from casual snacking in the pantry (Choco Mucho, anyone?)  to fancy hotel dinners. Having different types of clothing will definitely be worth it!


Quality smartphone cases



Smartphones are already an integral part of daily routines so it’s completely understandable if you want your phone to match up your style, too! But you know what, again, style is not enough. Function also plays an important role in whatever you’re investing on for your daily commutes and a smartphone case is no different. Good brands that offer shockproof capabilities that also speak of classy looks should be a part of your investment. Other than going well with your daily OOTDs, the phone case will be even more awesome if it really protects your beloved smartphone from accidental drops!


Quality Skincare Products



If there’s one thing that commuting every single day can do to you is make you look super haggard before the day even starts. It’s such a hassle but if taking the public transportation is already a way of life, it’s best to just face it head on. The best way to keep your haggardness locked away is to invest on good skincare brands that can help fight oiliness, dirt build-up, and acne. Some staples that you should be considering are oil control sheets, a good facial wash, and sunscreen. Ladies, it’s also good to invest on long-lasting face makeup and waterproof eye makeup! The good ones are usually a little more expensive than usual but we can guarantee it’ll be worth it.

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