This is why is #SisterGoals and #BloggingGoals


Did your younger sister wear your favorite shirt again? Could it be that ate got you in trouble for something you didn’t do? Let’s face it, sibling rivalry happens often but not for sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso. As for duo online influencer behind the lifestyle blog, these creative young women’s closeness is their main asset in the digital world.



If you’re thinking that is yet another blog in the highly competitive fields of travel, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, then think again. It’s double the fun with Vern and Verniece, making their posts something entirely new to see. You may be used to seeing solo #OOTD shots with trademark blogger poses but with their blog, you see these two very stylish individuals amid captivating backgrounds. Through the photos enhanced by the narratives, you can already tell  how close these two are. In fact, many others have already mistaken them as twins! Vern and Verniece are a year apart but, if given the chance, they sure do hope to be.



Things weren’t always this way as, admittedly, they hadn’t always been so close. They used to have separate blogs but after acknowledging their own creative strengths, Vern and Verniece decided to merge their capabilities to make Vern, the ate, works more on their written content while Verniece specializes on making their visuals unlike any of the other lifestyle blogs. To be honest, saying that their photos are not like the others is an understatement. If you head over to their blog, you’ll see why -- their travel photos look like shots from high fashion magazines!



It’s refreshing to read blog posts that combine two points of views in a unified story. Whether they’re exploring new places we can’t even pronounce properly or attending simple events here in the Philippines, their stories are personal, well thought of, and relevant both for their audience and the brands they cater to. Their realness is also very much admirable. Other than sharing stories of picturesque sceneries and showing off stunning OOTDs, they’re pretty much transparent about their ups and downs. They tell you that it’s not always about glamor and leisure. If anything, they’re honest about being exhausted despite living the life they’ve always dreamed of.


But that’s the thing about Vern and Verniece.


Beyond blogging about the brands they partner up with, the events and products they promote, and the marvelous locations they’ve been to, their blog is about one simple thing: is all about taking the risk, going beyond boundaries, and showing you that you can do whatever it is you put your heart and mind into. Vern and Verniece Enciso are young professionals living the dream in all its glory, throughout its ups and downs, and they document the whole process in their blog. Sure, they show you fabulous photos and tell you about stories beyond imagination, but these sisters give you way more than that. They impart meaningful bonds, the strong perseverance to chase those dreams,  and the drive to turn those ideas into reality.


What better way to do all these than share the experiences with your best friend?


That’s the kind of lifestyle we definitely want.


Watch their Choco Mucho U Exclusive here:

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