New Heavenly Ways to Enjoy Choco Mucho

We don’t know about you guys, but chocolate will forever be heavenly. It’s a treat that’s perfect for absolutely any occasion or any time of the day! It gives instant good vibes that somehow only chocolates can magically do.


With Choco Mucho, we give you more than just plain chocolate bars (but we have those, too!) We have  snacks that come with different flavors. We have one for the calorie-conscious. We have the big bars for those hungry for more. With the variety of products under one well-loved brand, Choco Mucho is definitely a sweet treat! Make it a part of your daily routine and more with these following suggestions:


Plain ice cream? We don’t think so! Have some ice cream toppers.


Turn all ice creams into cookies and everything! Experiment on which Choco Mucho Choco Bar flavor goes best with your favorite ice creams, crush it into tiny pieces, and use it as toppers to add an extra dose of sugar rush and crunch.


Choco Mucho Split, anyone?


Though ideal to give as gift, our Choco Mucho Big Bar can also be enjoyed solo! Sure, you can munch on this chocolatey goodness down to the last bite but you can also add more flavor to your dessert or snack  by having a Choco Mucho Split. For presentation purposes, simply cut the Big Bar in half and put 2-3 scoops of your favorite ice cream flavors in the middle. We suggest going for the plain ones like vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. Yum!



Iced coffee? Coffee shake? Make them crunch!



Now that the weather’s becoming insanely hot, it’s time to take those blenders out and indulge on blended fruit shakes or coffee shakes. In one of our local convenience stores, you have the option to add toppings on your ice-blended coffee. Enjoy this right at home too and use our Choco Mucho Minis as toppers for your favorite iced coffee blends!


Smores? Chocolate fondue? Just plain old chocolate to indulge on? Yes, please!



Share awesome bonding moments with friends and family, and make it even sweeter with Choco Mucho Classics! Have some homemade chocolate fondue by cutting the bar into pieces and melting it in a microwave. Put those small chocolate pieces in a bowl and heat it on medium high for about a minute. Afterward, take the bowl from the microwave and stir the melted chocolate until the the bits melt some more. Repeat this process of heating and stirring in 15- to 20-second intervals until you achieve your desired texture. Now, it’s time for the fun part! Pair your melted Choco Mucho Classics with marshmallows, biscuits, or fruits and enjoy your homemade chocolate fondue over good stories and timeless moments.


Milk chocolate after gym? Bring it on!


We know you already shed those extra pounds but we also know you deserve something nice after your grind! Don’t worry, our Choco Mucho 100-Calorie Pack is, surprisingly as the name goes, only a 100-calorie treat. So go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back and a quick, light snack to reward your efforts! This guiltless chocolatey goodness is best paired with a glass non-fat milk to give you the necessary boost of energy while indulging on something so good, it’s hard to believe it’s not adding up to the pounds.


Whether you’re spicing up your summer treats, enhancing your desserts, or going about your daily grind, there’s a perfect Choco Mucho product for you! What are your own ways to enjoy Choco Mucho?

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